2022 SCR


The SCR is a highly competitive racing sail. The -22 design is designed for less physically demanding performance, making it the ultimate weapon to win slalom races and to be extremely fast during long-distance races such as Defi Wind where endurance is the key. This enhanced control equals a higher top-end speed.

The design objectives that Simmer Chief Sail Design, Tomas Persson, and the R&D team set up was to improve the stability of the sail profile.

The key improvement seen on the -22 SCR is the refined sleeve panel. The width of the sleeve gradually increases towards the larger sizes to generate the perfect blend of power delivery, forward pull, and balance. The result of the following improvements are a sail which is proven faster, planes earlier and delivers much better stability in overpowered conditions.

VERTICAL SHAPING LUFF PANEL //  Distributes the load inside of the cutline into a larger area of the sail when more downhaul is added, increasing durability and reducing stretch in this critical area of the sail. Adds stability and locks in the center of effort in the sail.

// The SX SUPERTUBE batten is a revolutionary development that creates a more precise controlled sail profile and radically improves the sail dynamics.  Designed with the same technique as our top-performing SX masts. The SX Supertube batten is designed to create the perfect harmonic curve. The progressive material layup of the batten controls the stiffness throughout the curve, starting with a softer fiberglass rod in the front, leading into a fiberglass tube then gradually shifting into 50% carbon than a 100% carbon tubing in the back.  With the SUPERTUBE batten, we can lock the center of effort further back without losing control over the stability.  




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