Simmer: What have you been up to in January? 

Alessio: I have spent January in beautiful Cape Town. You will find me here every year on January since it is a great place to train for the upcoming season and my home spot is not really consistent wind wise. I am having a great time here in the southern hemisphere filming for a new video project, sailing a lot in all kind of conditions and starting to get into the simmer style board development. 

Simmer: How is your new gear working for you and what gear are you on? 

Alessio: I am well surprised by the performance of Simmer boards and sails. I felt comfortable on my new kit straight away and I did not need any time to adapt on it. In fact, I have the feeling that my sailing and wave riding got even better since I am using Simmer gear. I am using Blacktip's from 3,4 to 4,7, the Flywave 72 and 78! Such a good combo for wave sailing! 

Simmer: You had a nasty injury during 2018, what happened?

Alessio: I injured here in Cape Town. I broke my tibia, fibula and syndesmosis ligament. It was a beautiful morning in Cape Point with big waves and light wind. While doing a tweaked aerial I lost control and spinned into a involuntary air taka or goiter. Since I did not do it on purpose the landing was not controlled, my right foot got stuck in the footstrap and the mast acted as leverage effect on my leg, breaking it in two pieces literally. 

Simmer: Now that you are back in action, what are you goals for 2020?

Alessio: My goals are to make it back in the top 10 and obviously the closer I get to the 1st place, the better and more happy I will be about my performance. I am also looking forward to shoot for Simmer style on Maui, Pozo and other locations. In addition, I want to get even better at board and sail development. I am sure I will learn a lot in this year and I am stoked to be able to have a great time together with all the simmer team! 

Simmer: What are your favourite typ of conditions?

Alessio: As long as there are waves and wind I will be happy! Some years back I maybe would have said 3,0 weather and mast high ramps are my favorite type of conditions. Now I really enjoy going down the line also since I got way better in this type of conditions over the last couple of years. Anyways, coming from Pozo, in the bottom of my hear I will always slightly prefer strong onshore winds and good ramps for jumping high. 

Simmer: What moves are you currently trying to improve and / or learn? 

Alessio: I am always trying to better up my wave riding since I think this is the most complex and difficult part of wave sailing. Nevertheless, I am also working on making my double loops cleaner and higher. In adition, I want to land push forwards consistently until the start of the new PWA season in summer. 

Simmer: We are stoked to have you on the team! How does it feel being part of the Simmer team?

Alessio: It is a great feeling! I have a lot of friends in the team, the gear is working unreal and I feel supported and loved by every single person involved in the brand, with I think is very important! A lot of people use Simmer sails in my homespot so I have always looked up to Simmer as a brand since I am a small kid. I am looking forward very much to a lot of years of great collaboration. 

Simmer: Thanks Alessio, Aloha!  

Alessio: Thank you for all :) Aloha and Mahalo!

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