The Freegal is a reduced length wave board, combining the speed of a fast tail rocker flow with the radical performance of a compact tail. Freegal is a versatile board which can be tuned to perform well in all conditions from onshore wind waves to  down the line ground swell type conditions. It is inspired from recent developments in the surfing world and it provides quick adaptation between different turning styles. Riding a  Freegal helps the sailor to utilize every part of the wave. The Freegal thrives under the feet of an active sailor who pushes the turns and looks for vertical sections on the wave. It responds very sensitively to the riders input but still handles a powerful turn. The combination of low drag and tight turning performance makes the Freegal unusually good when chosen in larger than normal sizes for sailing when the wind and waves are less powerful. As such, it is an excellent choice as a float and ride complement to a smaller wave board. It also performs in standard sizes as an energetic all rounder.

The Freegal is also designed to work with multiple fin setup options:

The Freegal Twin offers a unique ultra low drag feel and early planing where the fast tail rocker and the fin setup complements one another to create a lively but surprisingly dependable feel. With the rear fin boxes close to the rail the Freegal Twin provides ample grip for big top turns. The drivey rocker line gives very good projection for passing slower sections on a wave, while the twin setup on the short tailed outline gives super quick turn entries and the ability to turn exceptionally tight and vertical on the wave regardless if the wave is flatter or has a steeper wall.

The Freegal Quad combines fast rail to rail action with added stability due to how the quad setup allows the rider engage more of the boards rail in the turn. Due to the rocker and outline curvature concentrated in the center of the board, this enables rail driven short radius turns where more input from the rider effectively translates into tighter turns and higher carving speeds. Together with the short tail, the low depth fin cluster also gives excellent possibilities to choose between slashy release and grippy gouging in the top turns. With more fin area but less maximal fin depth, the board stays loose at higher speeds which helps this turny and radical shape also handle bigger and choppier waves.

In tri fin mode, the Freegal provides good back foot dependability, excellent upwind grunt and extended capability to carry bigger sails. The larger center fin stabilizes rail to rail performance which helps to give the Freegal a steady turn entry also in sketchier drop ins or when the rider prefers a less reactive feel. A larger center fin also offers more leverage for powerful turns and helps keep the speed up when driving around big sections, particularly in onshore or cross onshore frontside riding.  

Freegal is a faster board based on a the older Frugal concept which was in production for several year. It shares the same compact outline format. After developing the original Frugal which in itself was a long process, we continued to design many types of custom shapes based on similar ideas. When we chose our board for the current production lineup, the Freegal made the most sense as it has the biggest range in terms of rider profiles for which whom would benefit from such a board. The Freegal is a radical board concept optimized for all sailing levels, and for sailors that want to keep develop a tight and vertical turning style as a change-up to the normal standard style.

// A fast rocker design with curvature flow optimized for super low drag in a straight line and through turns.

// Relatively wide outlines for turning power, but narrow width at the back for grip in the turns.

// Softer rails from mid-point and forward and sharper rails in the back to enhance control through chop while keeping turning precision.

// Single concave blending to double ending in an almost flat tail. Concave flow designed speed up turn initiation.

// Shape optimized to work with a wide variety of twin-, tri- and quad fin styles and setups.


80212582 x BT160 / 2 M95 + 2 x BT140 / 2 x BT100 + BT1705 x slotbox3.7-5.36.3 kg
90215612 x BT160 / 2 M95 + 2 x BT150 / 2 x BT100 + BT1805 x slotbox4.2-5.66.6 kg
100216632 x BT170 / 2 M105 + 2 x BT150 / 2 x BT100 + BT1905 x slotbox4.2-5.67.3 kg
110219662 x BT170 / 2 M105 + 2 x BT160 / 2 x BT100 + BT2005 x slotbox4.7-5.97.5 kg


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